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This is the little walk behind tractor I have been working on. I had to replace the engine. The 5 hp Honda I had was bigger than the 3 hp Briggs that was on it so I had to build new hood mounts. The clutch was worn completely out, there was no clutch material it was metal to metal. I J B welded some more material off of another old clutch to it and it seemed to work well


That looks like an old David-Bradley, had one when I was about 10 years old. :sweat:


You sure do have a lot of faith in JB weld. Hope you are right. Where does the gasifier go??? TomC


The way I see it is the JB weld only has to hold the material there it is not pulling the tractor. The clutch will almost work without the pads. We will see what happens it is pretty much an experiment for me. The gasifier will go on the front and the cooling tubes and filter next to it and down the right side.


Good job Jakob, now hurry up before the watermelon vines grow past the edge of the mulch. There are 3 more rows to cultivate…With much love, Dad.


Aha, I see we’re on the same page, Jacob :smile:


Hi All
I am starting to work on a hay baler gear box chunker. I have the gear box removed from the baler. For the cutter wheel I was planning on using a semi brake drum. Has anyone ever experimented with using a drum as a cutter wheel and do you think it would work?


Hello Jake .

The drums may be cast iron ? Not sure if it would make any difference ?


Hi Jakob, Drums are made of cast steel, which may make them a little too brittle for a cutter wheel. Most of us use steel pipe, 12’’-16’’


I like that clutch fix. Looks like something i would do or have done.I have no doubt it will work.


You will have to buy more cut off wheels for your grinder. You will not be able to cut with a torch. I ran some 4 inch dried mulberry and didn’t have any breakage of the drum. And some ash. If you do break one replacement is in your local truck repair shop junk pile ask politely and they may help you load it up




TomW; How are you driving your chunker? I don’t see a PTO shaft on it and I don’t see a belt around the fly wheel. TomC


Those pictures were early in construction. I am running it with a 5 hp electric motor via belts around the flywheel. I haven’t installed guarding yet because I am trying to think of a way to run with a $99 harbor freight gas but after Chris busted a shaft on a smaller motor I have to come up with a plan to handle the shock so I don’t do the same. More flywheels right off the engine??
Input requested


Tom, for what it’s worth -
I believe Chris was unfortunate to have a cracked axle from start. Electric motors are built to hold up for a chock like that and from 0 to full torque in a split second. The belt should be safety enough. Only tighten the belt so that it slips a little when things get stuck.


Hi all
I decided not to ues the brake drum, even though I liked the idea of a removable cutter head. The Pipe I used is 5/16 inches thick and 16 inches in diameter. I welded a plate in the cutter head and I bolted it to the backing plate that is welded to the arm. That way the cutter head is removable and much more easily replaced if something happens to it. Our local scrap yard is the dump site for a CNC shop. They waste so much tubing and plate steel. Some pieces of tubing are as long as 20 ft. I got enough tubing to build the frame and a piece of 3/4 plate for building this chunker. I drilled holes big enough for the pipe on one side but the other side only lets the bolt through if i weld the pipes on the one side it will put the force of the bolt on both sides of the tubing not just the top. The arm holding the anvil will get a lot more bracing. I am not used to using new steel this stuff is very fun to weld.:grinning::grinning: Jakob DSCN0044 DSCN0097DSCN0099DSCN0104DSCN0109DSCN0133DSCN0139DSCN0152DSCN0176DSCN0183DSCN0174


Nice welds, you are well on the way


Jake with the size mouth you have on your blade, it looks like you plan on chunking “logs”. I agree with Mike Gibbs, your welds are looking very nice. After talking to you, I found that this wasn’t the first welding you have done Good job TomC


Good morning Jakob.

What Mr. Tom and Michael said . Nice Job.

You may want to take a look at the cutting angle on your pipe.

I like to keep the throat open for about half the cycle so you have plenty of time to get the wood into place before the cut .

I have tried different slopes of the cutter blade but the one in this video is what I have stayed with .


The cutter head has a 8 inch opening with a constant equal slope all the way around. I think I can cut lumber type stuff up to about 8 inches wide. With the smaller usual stuff I will be cutting I can feed it in toward the later end of the cut.

I was looking for a 12 inch cutter head but I could not find one. I used what I had.

Good wire, good shielding gas, a good welder, and new steel helps a lot.:grinning::grinning:

This mornings progress. The anvil mounted, the work rest mounted, the splitter cut and a lot of bracing installed.


I had been planning to mount this on the 3 point hitch but it got to heavy for my little tractor. I plan to use this little trailer and run on the drive shaft for now.DSCN9733
These are a few thing I could get to put wood on. Plus ten acres more
DSCN9742DSCN9738 DSCN9743DSCN9746DSCN9750DSCN9749DSCN9752DSCN9753DSCN9757